Save the Date Labels
It’s estimated that families throw away on average £480 worth of food every year. With these clever Save the Date Labels, you can make a note of when jars, packets or bottles were opened – meaning you’ll know exactly when they stop being safe to eat.

Save the Date Labels are perfect for dressings and sauces, chutneys and jams, baby food and anything homemade; and also for medicines and cosmetics. And they’re ideal for families, food businesses, the elderly and shared houses.

Better for your purse, better for the environment and, most importantly, better for the health of you and your family.

The Save the Date Labels can be personalised with a company name if you wish. Otherwise, our business details will be printed on them. We can also change the text on the stickers to suit your needs. The stickers are bright and eye-catching and measure 50 x 25mm.
Food Labels - Save the Date
Save the Date Labels (Flat Packed)These high-quality Save the Date Labels make it easy to track when food packages have been opened and when the content needs to be used by. They are fully customisable in terms of font and text, and provide an effective solution to help prevent food waste.An average family will throw away £480 worth of food every year. This is partly because when in doubt, the idea of eating out-of-date food seems even less appealing than the idea of waste. These labels make i
Save the Date Labels (Roll)These Save the Date Labels are practical way for individuals, families, and businesses to keep track of food expiry dates. Pre-set expiry dates often become invalid once food has been opened, with many products expiring a certain number of days after this date. These labels make it easy to keep track of when food must be eaten by to avoid waste, and whether it is still safe for consumption.The labels are fully customisable with customisable text in a font of your choic